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Azerbaijan Visa Types

To enter Azerbaijan, individuals from the majority of nationalities must obtain a visa, which specifies their purpose of visit and intended activities within the country. Whether it is for visiting acquaintances, exploring tourist attractions, attending business meetings, conducting research, or seeking medical treatment, all travelers entering Azerbaijan must possess a valid visa.

The e-Visa serves as an official document that grants permission for individuals to enter and stay in the country, while also indicating the specific activities they are authorized to undertake during their visit.

Azerbaijan e Visa: Understanding the Objectives

The Azerbaijan visa serves as an official document that grants permission to individuals from foreign countries to enter and stay in Azerbaijan for various purposes. It is essential to obtain the appropriate visa type based on the purpose of the visit. 

The purpose of the Azerbaijan visa is to regulate and control the entry of foreigners into the country while ensuring national security and facilitating tourism, business activities, etc.

eVisa Enables Travel for the Following Purposes:


A tourist visa, more commonly known as a visitor visa, shows that the visitor is in the country for entertainment purposes only. In Azerbaijan, a tourist visa will forbid you from working, involving yourself with any sort of education or any sort of political involvement. If any of these activities are tracked, your visa will be canceled immediately, and you will be requested to leave the country within a maximum time limit of fifteen days only.

  • Activities allowed on a tourist visa:
    • Engaging in entertainment activities
    • Exploring tourist attractions
    • Participating in recreational events
  • Activities prohibited on a tourist visa:
    • Working
    • Enrolling in educational programs
    • Involvement in political activities
  • Consequences of violating the terms:
    • Immediate visa cancellation
    • Required to leave the country within fifteen days

Please note that the information provided is specific to tourism regulations in Azerbaijan and may vary in different countries.

Business Trip:

A business visa is issued when the bearer wants to conduct some sort of business in Azerbaijan. This can be a business meeting with another company or business, or it can be some other sort of business-related activity.

The only purpose of a business visa is to:

  • Show that the bearer of the visa will not be receiving anything like a salary or such from Azerbaijan.
  • Indicate that the bearer is not interested in being directly part of their labour market.

Official Trip:

An official trip refers to the travel undertaken by diplomats or other foreign government officials to Azerbaijan with the purpose of conducting business directly with the government of Azerbaijan and officially representing their country. This type of trip requires an official visa, which must be offered and accepted prior to the visit. It is important to note that if these personnel travel to Azerbaijan with any other type of visa, they will not be permitted to fulfill their official duties with the Azerbaijan government.

  • An official trip involves diplomats or foreign government officials.
  • The purpose is to conduct business with the government of Azerbaijan.
  • Official representation of their country is an essential part of the trip.
  • An official visa must be obtained before the visit.
  • Traveling with any other type of visa will restrict the performance of official duties with the Azerbaijan government.


A scientific visa provides individuals with the authorization to enter Azerbaijan, conduct research, and engage in scientific studies. It allows researchers to enhance or finalize their ongoing scientific projects within the country.

To obtain a scientific visa in Azerbaijan, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Showcase evidence of their scientific work completed thus far.
  2. Specify the purpose of their visit to Azerbaijan.
  3. Explain how the continuation or progress of their research will benefit both Azerbaijan and themselves in the future.


An educational visit paves the way for acquiring a student visa, granting individuals the opportunity to study abroad. With this visa, holders can enroll in reputable educational institutions, irrespective of their citizenship status.

Under the student visa, the following privileges are provided:

  1. Enrollment: The visa enables students to enroll in qualified educational institutes.
  2. Access: Only visa holders are permitted to enter and study in the host country.

Labor / Employment :

Traveling to Azerbaijan for work or employment reasons will require the visitor to have an employment-based visa, also known as a work visa. This allows the bearer to work in the host country without having to worry about any other legal issues.

  • A work visa shows that the holder is involved with the labor market, the number of jobs, and any changes regarding the laborers in Azerbaijan.
  • This visa will also show that the visitor is earning a salary from Azerbaijan and is allowed to spend it.

Cultural :

Cultural visit refers to an exchange of the public to expand their culture.The visa for such visits is called an exchange visitor visa for the cultural-exchange program.

  • This visa allows individuals to receive professional training and employment opportunities.
  • It promotes learning about the culture of Azerbaijan and sharing one's own country's history, traditions, and culture.
  • The goal is to enhance knowledge and improve the relationship between the participating countries.


An entertainment visa is a type of visa that enables athletes, entertainers, and other individuals involved in sports and entertainment to enter a foreign country.

  • This visa grants permission for the bearer to participate in various activities and events of their choice in the host country.
  • In the case of Azerbaijan, an entertainment visa allows athletes to practice with local Azerbaijanis and engage in competitions alongside or against them.


Azerbaijan offers the option of applying for a humanitarian visa in certain qualifying circumstances. Some examples of cases where a humanitarian visa may be eligible include:

  1. When a loved one who is either a citizen of Azerbaijan or a resident in Azerbaijan is in critical condition and requires your presence and assistance.
  2. When a relative or loved one is on their deathbed or in their final moments, and your presence is crucial for a last meeting together.
  3. When a visitor is seeking refuge in Azerbaijan due to specific health risks that could potentially be life-threatening in the future.

Medical Treatment:

If you require medical treatment while visiting a foreign country, you may be eligible for a medical treatment visa. This specialized visa allows travelers to access healthcare services, consult doctors, and receive treatment in hospitals. With a medical treatment visa, you can stay in the country until your physical or mental condition has stabilized. It provides you with the necessary authorization to seek the medical care you need during your time abroad.

  • A medical treatment visa is issued to individuals in need of healthcare services while visiting another country.
  • This visa enables travelers to visit doctors and hospitals for treatment purposes.
  • It allows the visa holder to stay in the country until their physical or mental condition has stabilized.

Private Trip:

A private visit refers to a situation where an individual has relatives residing in Azerbaijan who are willing to accommodate the foreigner during their stay. In order to obtain a private visa, the individual's relatives, who are already living in Azerbaijan, need to approach the local visa acceptance department and request a visitation invitation specifically addressed to the foreigner. This invitation should include the foreigner's name, details, visa information, and passport details.

  • A private trip involves staying with relatives in Azerbaijan.
  • The individual's relatives in Azerbaijan must obtain a visitation invitation.
  • The invitation should be addressed to the foreigner and include their name, details, visa information, and passport details.
  • The visitation invitation needs to be acquired from the local visa acceptance department.

Streamlined Application Process

To get an e-visa to Azerbaijan, you have to fill out an application form online. After completing the online application form, there is a processing fee that you have to submit to complete your application process. Once you have paid the processing fees, you will receive your electronic visa.

Quick and Convenient Processing

  • The e-visa for Azerbaijan is sent through email within three working days only if your application is approved and there is no error or issue.
  • The processing time may vary depending on your chosen visa processing status.
  • You can expect to receive your e-visa quickly through email, ensuring a smooth and efficient visa application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event that your Azerbaijan e-Visa application is rejected, you have the option to reapply for a visa at the nearest Azerbaijani Embassy or Consulate. They will be able to assist you with the necessary steps for obtaining a visa.

The Azerbaijan e-Visa allows travelers to stay in the country for 30 consecutive days and expires ninety (90) days from the date of issue. It is important to plan your visit accordingly and ensure that you enter Azerbaijan within the validity period of your e-Visa.

The Azerbaijan e-Visa is valid for a single entry only. Once your e-Visa is approved, you can enter Azerbaijan once during the authorized period. It is important to note that multiple entries are not permitted with the e-Visa.

To check the status of your Azerbaijan e-Visa, you can visit the official Azerbaijan government website. You will need to provide your registration number to view the status of your e-Visa. Alternatively, you can perform an online check using your passport number and email address.

If you remain in the International Transit Area of the airport while passing through Azerbaijan to your onward destination, you do not need to obtain a transit Azerbaijan visa. However, if you plan to leave the airport transit area at any time during your transit, you should apply for an e-Visa for Azerbaijan before your travel to the country.

No, the government fee for the Azerbaijan e-Visa is non-refundable. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your application meets all the requirements and guidelines to minimize the risk of rejection.